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24 Preludes for Pianosolo  2004      
"I wrote the 24 Preludes for Piano solo after attending several concerts where I had heard preludes from different composers such as  Rachmaninov, Kabalevsky and Shostakovitch.
To think in "tonalities" again was strange to me in the beginning of the work, as I had used a free tonality, without harmonic-tonal rules, within my composition for a couple of years, with the music flowing by itself from one tonality to another without the concerns of "right" or "wrong".
Now all the tonalities were given and in order to portray them correctly I had to stick to them, so I began to use key signatures again. This set is a kaleidoscope of varied moods, colours, skills, atmospheres and nationalities. Within an hour you can make a world-journey and see the many landscapes of my writing".